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The Blimp = Aerial Yoga RULES!

Posted on Jan 03, 2016 by mackieo
I've never wanted to jump out of a plane or get on a hang glider and jump off a mountain. My idea of the way to fly is like the Good Year blimp. I've been obsessed with the blimp since I was a kid. I've always wanted a ride on it. My dreams about flying always involve slowly floating just about the tree line, over the telephone wires and just over the tops of the tallest buildings, slowly floating. I control the height and speed using my breath. There's no speed, no falling, just floating above it all.
There are a few poses in the aerial yoga hammock that replicate that feeling so perfectly, if that's all there was to it, I would be sold. And there's actually a lot more to it than that. So much more. For now because it's really late and I'm super tired I'm going to just say if you get a chance and you like the feeling of floating, savasana in an aerial yoga hammock is the best thing ever.