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Posted on May 28, 2016 by mackieo
A friend of mine recently posed the question, "What distracts you from your work and how do you get back on track?"
The reality is, I'm fairly easily distracted. Dogs distract me. Food distracts me. Thoughts distract me. Emotions distract me. Facebook distracts me, as does online shopping, email messages, and phone calls. My many missions distract me. My focused attention on the state of my shape is the thing that brings me back back back... to the reality of the moment and the place I am in space - and it's all good because the coming back to my breath and the moment I'm in becomes such a sweet reunion.
Today my WOD was moment. A moment = approximately 90 seconds; which in yogahour can amount to from three to six poses. So much can change in a moment, in a few poses, in connecting to the space within and the space all around. The tiniest shift in course over the passing of time results in a significant difference in trajectory so even tiny changes that seem insignificant in the moment often end up being momentus!! My practice progresses sometimes perceptibly sometimes imperceptibly. I'm working on watching the precious moments as they continue to offer me their gifts and being open to notice and receive those gifts rather than being in such a hurry to move on to the next one... And that is super hard! Cuz I'm always busy and on a mission.