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YHTT Japa-Japan 2017

Posted on Jul 18, 2017 by mackieo

I just got home from spending two weeks in Japan with my teacher Darren Rhodes and some of my favorite people on the planet. I went there to assist the first module of a teacher training that was seven days long. > > > The theme for the week was "Accept what is, AS IT IS, here and now, and act." from a quote by Arnaud Desjardins. > > > Students came from all over Japan to take the training which is being held at my friend Yo Maesaki's studio, Hibi Yoga. Yo was telling us that it's very difficult for people in Japan to take this much time away from work. One week is do-able but to take three weeks off in less than six month is quite challenging with work and family obligations. The fact that Yo has 26 students signed up to take this training is a testament to how persistently she's worked for the past three years to make this happen. She spent countless hours translating the yogahour teacher training manual AND the yogahour Inform Your Flow book. That's hundreds of pages of translating!! On top of all that she's been teaching yogahour classes and workshops, writing articles on her blog and talking to people all over Japan to help create interest in this training. I think everyone was a little bit nervous about how it was going to work with the language barrier but once they started, it was clear that when it comes to the asana there are no barriers. Did I mention that I think Yo might be Wonder Woman for real? > > > I'm going to write more about this experience and these friends I spent the week with, and how much I love them, and how I saw the yogahour teaching technology profoundly change the students in just seven days. There were so many highlights. For now because it's late and I'm jet lagged I'm just going to list some of my favorite things about the experience: > > > 1.Being IN JAPAN with my teacher and amazing friends. Darren Rhodes, Neda Honarvar, Yo Maesaki, & Shawntaram. > > > 2. Taking class while Darren taught MY yogahour sequence 25 to the TT. > > > 3. Teaching yogahour sequence 5 to the training. > > > 4. Staying in Yo's grandma's extraordinarily beautiful traditional Japanese home. > > > 5. Eating Yo's mother's amazing lunches and dinners while we talked about our experiences of the day.