breathe + play + pray + yoga

The future is highly unstable, unknown, mercurial and in fact not here yet, so why try to have it all figured out? Develop skillful means, lightness of movement, creative ways of dealing with unexpected happenstances. You may well need such abilities, such a capacity… dive and and move with Faith and Devotion, and a willingness to adjust to the situation as it presents itself. I know you can do it. The question is, will you? – Lee Lozowick.

My yoga adventure began when a friend dragged me to Tara Judelle’s class at the Hollywood YMCA. From the first centering theme I was hooked. I dove right into the deep end, taking workshops every weekend, multiple immersions, retreats and teacher trainings, often several classes in one day. My love of yoga has lead me on an incredible journey. I try to incorporate aspects of all the various worlds I continuously explore and the form I inhabit into my classes. I'm immeasurably grateful to all of my teachers including Darren Rhodes, Tiffany Fraser, Noah Mazé and to my students who continue to teach me so much about myself and about life on this magnificent planet. + + + + + + + + I’m thrilled and honored to be a Certified Yogahour instructor. Yogahour is such a smart practice. It’s accessible, affordable, it’s challenging, and at the same time do-able and super fun. It makes so much sense for LA in particular… actually anywhere. As a student I always feel fantastic afterwards and the word of the day gives me something clear to focus on as I practice. As a teacher I love working with the simplicity of the WOD and the alignment cues presented in the SSR. They're so clear and precise I’m constantly amazed at the way they're received by my students. The WOD helps to focus the intention and feeling of the class and the alignment cues from the SSR help to guide the students safely and effectively through a practice that stretches, strengthens and stamps out stress. + + + + + + + + I’m just going to list some of the brilliant and wonderful teachers outside the realm of yoga that I’ve had the opportunity to learn from here: Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Chloë Chung Misner, Zero Balancing with Fritz Smith, and Integral Anatomy (human dissection) with Gil Hedley. These special humans have made an indelible impression on my life and the way I see the world. Their influence has changed everything. + + + + + + + + My newest fascination is aerial yoga. It’s like flying, and swimming, and climbing trees… It’s absolutely the most joyful form of exercise I’ve ever done. It's so fun you don't even realize how hard you're working. It’s completely re-inspired my yoga practice. I’m teaching an aerial yoga workshop at YogaMazé with my friend Nichol Chase in February. Come check it out!! It will be SUPER FUN!